A structural engineer that goes to your place

Structural Damage
Remodels / Basement Walkouts
Structural Piers/Special Inspections
Deck & Solar Design
Legal Support

Garth Haslem, P.E. S.E.

Garth Haslem is a Utah state certified structural engineer with over 30 years experience as a structural engineer and inspector. He will meet you at your home and carefully learn your needs. Then he’ll answer your questions and help you properly resolve the issues. It’s business, but it’s very personal.

How do you know who to call?

When you need to know if your home will be OK, it’s not clear who to call. Are they registered structural engineers? Do they specialize in home visits? How long have they been doing this? What do their customers say? Do they have SUPRA access?  

Structural piers / special inspector

Foundation cracks

Slab movement
Stairstep cracks

Great online reviews

Every company you call has a telephone story about how they’re awesome. What if you could actually hear from that company’s customers? Oh wait – you can.

Transparent pricing

On-site opinion - no written report


Inspection & verbal report only

Sometimes you just need to know. Or sometimes you find out it’s bad news and you just want to walk away. We’re good with that. Here’s that price.

Inspection & written report


Inspection & written report

This is the full report. There may be travel fees for inspections outside of Salt Lake and Utah counties.

Written report with PE stamp


Inspection with written & stamped report

The PE stamp is a certification. Usually the stamp is only needed if there is a lender, lawyer or city involved. 

Engineers do podcasts?

An engineer does a podcast? Isn’t that like being left brained and right brained at the same time? It does take an unusual sort of structural guy to leave the office and his computer, so maybe it’s possible – but who knew? 

Yes! We have SUPRA access

We have been a trusted member and affiliate of the real estate community since 1993. If the home has a SUPRA box along the Wasatch Front, we can probably get access. 

We like simple. Simple is good, especially if you’re a man – we’re pretty much the most uncomplex humans ever. 
Still, sometimes life gets less simple and the standard rates can’t apply. One example of this is when we have to drive  further to get to you. Salt Lake and Utah County? No problem. Logan or Cedar City? That’s going to cost more. Multi unit apartment building? Yeah. If your project needs one or two problems to solve? No problem. Many? You get the idea. 
Promises for payment that we have to wait, hope and nag for? First, please no. Really – just no. If we must, then we have to charge you a bit more to help make up for the last guy that made us promises and didn’t pay. That’s why we say that these prices apply only if you pay on the date of the service. 
You get the idea. Simple is good. More complex is OK, but we might have to change the prices.